(Unsolicited comments used with permission)

"I do not think I know of any other appraiser that would go into such detail explaining his appraisal. Most (99.9%) would say it is what it is. I hope you are able to learn something about the market we are now in through his very thorough explanation."

Robert Cawley
Mortgage Broker
Abacus Financial


"Given this thorough explanation I am o.k. with the estimate. Please pass on to David that I really appreciate his explanation and ... his extensive knowledge in the field. In addition I learned something here that I can use in my future dealings in Real Estate. Please let him know I sincerely appreciate his response and efforts regarding this appraisal... I now have no doubt that his appraisal value is correct. Also, if I was a lender I would want David to do all my appraisals, I don't know how anyone could be more educated or do a better job. Thank you!!"

Greg Martin
Manager, Quality Assurance
B.Braun Medical Inc."


"A splendid thesis indeed"

Ward Hill
Senior Analyst, PPL
Electric Utility


"...thanks, and I hope to do more business in the future."

Tom Dougherty
Mortgage Broker
Impala Financial, Inc


"You're the best. Thank you, and have a great weeke.. no worries, I know you did a great job."

David D Kievsky
Mortgage Broker
First Lincoln Mortgage Corp


"I've had 5 appraisers here in the last 10 years that I've owned his place, and you are the most efficient and professional of all of them. You took time to go through everything thoroughly."

Stephen Lombardo

"You're awesome. Thank you."

Christian Barboza
Mortgage Broker
Advanced Appraisal Group


"..thanks for the prompt work and professionalism.  I'd like to add you to our list of preferred appraisers."

Rebecca Krider
Mortgage Broker

Veterans Home Mortgage


"Thank you. You are a pleasure to work with..."

Linda B VanArsdale
Mortgage Broker

Asset Mortgage LLC


"Thank you David. Well done on the report. I like the way you do business. I will most definitely use you in the future. Thank you again and have a good night!"


Travis Gottlich
Licensed Government Lender
National Fidelity Mortgage


"David, excellent work. Very professional. I have spread your info throughout my office for others to utilize."

Vince Vincent
Senior Loan Originator
Home Savings of America


"Never have I seen such detail and professionalism in your industry. Well done Dave..."

Ryan Spreen
Mortgage Broker
Mortgage Network Solutions


"Awesome explanation, sir. You are a true professional and I appreciate that..."

Michael D Pereira
Account Executive
New Day Financial


"Perfect. Thank you for your effort. I will definitely be using you in the future and will highly recommend you."

Louis Cohen
Senior Mortgage Planner
Equity Source Home Loans


"David, I will add you to our list of appraisers, you were fast and courteous."

Eric Wallberg
Managing Partner
WCS Lending, LLC


"Look forward to working with you again."

Israel Calvert
Senior Loan Officer
Guardian First Funding Group


"Thanks for all your help, I am very impressed with the level of service. I am looking forward to doing more business in the future."

James A Rocco
Mortgage Consultant
Equity Source Home Loans, LLC



"We will definitely do business in the future.  I like the way you operate and it's hard to find (a) solid appraiser.  Thank you so much."

Marlon Walters
Senior Loan Officer
National Fidelity Mortgage


"Thanks for another great job on the Lothian appraisal.  This is the third appraisal that you have done for me over the last couple of months.  You are right on with values and I appreciate how quick you are with turnaround times.  I am looking forward to sending you another order."

Jack Albanese
Loan Officer
Maverick Funding 

Mr. Feaver, thank you very much for this appraisal report. We are very satisfied with the report and the timely manner in which you completed it..."

Jason Hendricks
Loan Officer
DRI Title  & Escrow

"Thanks, I was able to download and print the report, which is very thorough and good. I felt it would be in the range of your appraisal..."

Charles Haddad
Attorney at Law


"Thank you again. Pleasure working with you, indeed... You went the extra mile for Quicken Loans, and our client, Mr. Zimmerman. You are a compliment to the appraisal industry."

Janet Gardner
Tsi Appraisal Services
A "Quicken Loans" Company

"Perfect, thanks Dave.  I appreciate your work, and will be sure to contact you for any future clients in your area.  What counties do you generally cover?"

Jason Kubat
Mortgage Consultant
Franklin First Financial, Ltd.


"Thanks for your email. I appreciate your candor! Dennis will be very happy and I appreciate you getting it to me so quickly. Until the next order... have a great day!"

Cathy Perna
Mortgage Broker
Perna & Associates Mortgage Solutions


"It was a fight, but we are all clear on the appraisal. Excellent job by you. I have never marketed Monroe, Schuylkill, Lehigh, Northampton, or Berks, but now that I know we have a strong appraiser for those counties I am making them a part of our marketing campaign."

Joseph DiLeonardo
Branch Manager
Barclay Funding Corp


"...if I could use you, I would. You have been great!"

Kimberlee Steele
Loan Officer
Equity America Mortgage


"Thank you... I appreciate a very thorough report.

Natalio Schwartz

"David Feaver has been doing appraisals for our company for the past six months, during one of the busiest times of the appraisal industry in the past 30 years. Besides being a first class professional appraiser, David is extremely diligent on the admin side of our business, quoting, scheduling, and delivering on time, every time. I can't recommend him enough!!"

Gary Gordon
GSG Appraisal Management, LLC
State Certified Appraiser