Turnaround Guarantee

        ...for David S Feaver Appraisals


I know how important turnaround time is to most clients. Therefore I make the following guarantees:

(1) You will be faxed or emailed by midnight of the next business day after the completed order is emailed to
dfeaver@aol.com or faxed to 610-433-7208 with the inspection and delivery times if I can reach the appropriate contact within 24 hours of your appraisal order. (You can help by providing the right contact (preferably the seller or seller's agent, NOT the buyer or buyer's agent) phone number, and best time to call. Any orders received after 5:00 PM EST will be treated as received the following business day.

(2) In the event I cannot reach the appropriate contact within 24 hours of receipt of the order, I will notify you by fax or email of the status of the order by midnight of the second business day after the order is emailed or faxed to me.

(3) Drive-by orders placed after 5:00 PM may be considered to have been placed the following business day.

(4) The appraisal* will be faxed, "EDI'd", or emailed (with an attached PDF file) to you:

  • by 9:00 AM of the fourth business day after INSPECTION for all single family INTERIOR appraisals, regardless the form.
  • or by 9:00 AM of the fourth business day after the ORDER for all DRIVE-BY single family appraisals, regardless the form.

(Note: Inspections are usually completed within 1 to 3 days of the completed written order. In the event inspections and or deliveries cannot be made in these time frames, you will be notified the same day as the order is submitted, and the extended due date will become the guaranteed delivery date. )

(5) Hardcopies, if requested, will be delivered or mailed two day priority mail the next business day after inspection. There is a $15 surcharge for sending hardcopies "overnight" delivery.


Fees will be discounted $100 the first business day late and $10 per day for each business day late thereafter. Any "rush fees" will also be fully refunded. Saturdays, Sundays, and nationally recognized holidays (i.e., post office holidays) do not count as business days.



  • Guaranteed electronic delivery by 9:00 AM of the THIRD business day after INSPECTION (for "interior appraisals") or after receipt of the completed ORDER (for drive-by appraisals) is $50 extra.
  • Guaranteed electronic delivery by 9:00 AM of the SECOND business day after the INSPECTION (for "interior appraisals") or after receipt of the completed ORDER (for drive-by appraisals) is $100 extra.


* The appraisal is not guaranteed to be error free with the initial delivery, however every reasonable attempt is made to minimize errors. Any appropriate additions, deletions, corrections, revisions, adjustments, explanations, additional exhibits etc that are requested in writing (i.e., by fax, email, or regular mail) will be made or corrected by "midnight" of the next business day (usually "midnight" of the same business day) following the acknowledged receipt of such request at no additional charge.

** All invoices 30 days or more overdue (from the individual or corporate entity ordering the appraisal) must be paid in full in order to qualify for the turnaround guarantee or for delivery of the appraisal itself.

*** FHA appraisals cannot be released until a written FHA case number is provided. No late delivery discount will apply if there is no case # provided on a timely basis. Likewise, if no Agreement of Sale on purchase appraisals or other required document on any appraisal has been provided by the lender and/or AMC on a timely basis, no late delivery discount is applied.

**** No late delivery discount is applied if the automated review or an online affidavit requires all original photos.
This appraiser reserves the right to have an extra day to get original photos if necessary.

***** COD appraisals paid with post dated checks (or paid after the inspection) may be held until 9:00 AM of the SECOND business day after the check clears, with no late delivery discount.

****** Turnaround guarantee does not apply if delivery is not received for the following reasons:
spam or other filters, firewalls, black listing or failure to white list
redirection, inability of the computer operator to understand download procedures,
failure to download, automated reviews that can't be address or circumvented, etc.
In these cases, a call will be made to the client the next business day.

******* Lenders/clients that have a "48 hour rule" will be charged an additional $25. "48 hour rule" states that the appraisal must be delivered within 48 hours of inspection if the original  due date cannot be met, even if the inspection is delayed by the borrower or homeowner.